Coupons that Work for You!

As a business owner, you’re always trying to find ways to bring in new customers, keep the old ones coming back and increase your revenues. Let us help you achieve this!

Today, a business’s #1 way to grow their clientele is by offering coupons and deals. The problem is - Groupon and other daily deal sites take a large chunk of your earnings, offering one type of coupon, while bringing customers who might never return.

It’s time to get smart with coupons.

Our service is a coupon management system, allowing you to create, share and redeem your own customized, unique coupons of any type, anywhere: Discounts, 1 1, prepaid or pay at redemption, for certain hours or days and more. We even provide a booking option.

These coupons can be shared and spread throughout your site, our service’s Coupon Aggregator and in top social networks and messaging apps as well as via email

Create any and as many Coupons as you like

Take control of your deals
A Simple Discount
Create a regular discount coupon - even small discounts work!
Bundle 1 or More Products
Buy 1 get another free or for a discount or any other combination
Choose Days & Hours
Limit coupon to specific days or times - fill slow slots
Add Specific Conditions
Coupon valid only on certain sizes or types of purchases
Limit Number of Units
Small batch coupons to fill slots or test what works
Choose Target Audience
New clients, existing clients, VIP, over 21, etc.

Launch, Share & Spread Coupons Anywhere you Want

With built-in virality
Your Website
Partners’ sites
or add a link anywhere...
Anyone can reshare your coupon, bringing you new clients

Let Potential Clients Get Your Coupons

without limiting yourself to prepaid
Let potential clients sign up for a coupon with facebook, email or phone #, receive it by mail and pay upon redemption
Purchase / Prepaid
Create a prepaid coupon - but unlike other daily deal sites - we take only a small, fair commission
Booking button in the coupon allows them to book after they signed up or bought it. Booking is instantly synced to your calendar in accordance with rules and your schedule
Bulk coupons for corporate events and B2B deals based on volume, allowing potential clients to order specific quantities, products and units for specific times
Coupons can be redeemed online (your eCommerce site) or your digital POS in your offline store

Check, Scan & Redeem

No need for an app
Check and redeem coupons by scanning with any device or search for a coupon by client name, phone or email in real time or later on… from any device or your existing POS - even redeem right on the client’s device

Helpful Insights & Recommendations

We help you get better results
Statistics, data, insights and more help you see what works and what doesn’t. Get industry and business specific recommendations based on your analytics to help increase conversions and redemptions
You Should use our service when you want to...
Get More Clients
Grow your new client base by letting anyone share the coupon
Fill up your Week
Create coupons for slow days or hours, no more empty slots
Bring Back Inactive Clients
Entice clients that haven’t been in for while with special offers
Increase Visit Frequency
Keep them coming back and spending more
Get them to spend more
Create deals that increase the spend per purchase
Get them to try something new
Give discounts on products when certain others are purchased
Clear your Stock
Get rid of non-selling items, limit waste and save money
Special offers
Dish of day, holiday specials, etc.
Connect to
Google Calendar
You can use our service even if you:
Are Using Groupon or Yelp - Use our service along with other deal sites (with lower commission) to test coupons before creating them in groupon on on different client groups
Don’t Have a Big List of Clients or Followers - Even a small loyal group can share and reshare a coupon, reaching thousands! Also, try “boosting” the coupon on Facebook reach new customers, and watch your list grow!
Don’t Have a Budget - Our service is free up to 10 signups and since most of our coupons are profitable you will not lose money
Don’t Have Ideas for Coupons - Start with a simple discount for one product or service, then our experts and idea generator will offer new options and ideas
Tried Coupons and Were Unhappy - Even if you lost money on Groupon or it didn’t work for you, our service is risk free, takes a very low commission and has a built in virality
Have Only One Product - All you need is one product or service to launch a great coupon and get new and repeat business
Don’t Have Time - Join, create a coupon and launch it in just a few minutes! Spend just a few minutes a month to promote it or create new coupons and still see great results!

Plans that will make you happy